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An absolute complicity, for these two artists who combine their talents in a first album overflowing with freshness and energy to bluesy, rock, soul, funk, folk and motown rhythms since we discover on 2 tracks the choristers "The Original Vandellas" of Motown.


Paul Miles is a award winning singer, songwriter, guitarist. His genre of music has been the Blues.

He was born March 25, 1952 in Fostoria, Ohio, USA.

Influenced vocally by his mother Vera Miles who sang gospel, it was at age of 8 he began to sing in the local Baptist Church choir. Later he was exposed to rock&roll, rhythmn&blues, Motown, The Beatles, country&western and folk. Paul graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1974. He moved to Southern California from Memphis, Tennessee and studied commercial music at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. Here he began playing and singing the blues in clubs from Los Angeles to San Diego.

In 1995, he came to play music for the first time in Switzerland. He met music promoters who offered him a opportunity to perform and promote the "Lucerne Blues Session". This later became the Lucerne "Blue Balls Festival". He played there from 1996 to 2001. During 2000 festival is when he meets guitarist Joe Charitos. They became friends while playing together on stage at several jam sessions. Later Joe shared his original music and soon a plan to combine their talents was created.


Paul has performed besides USA, in France, Italy,  Canada, and Ireland.


Some personal achievements:

2002         "Detroit Blues Society" Best Solo Artist of the year, participation

                 in the "IBC International Blues Competition" in Memphis

2005 -16   "Detroit Music Awards" 12 Final Nominations and 8 Wins

2007         Best Acoustic Instrumentalist

2008         Best Blues Recording "Stepping Out"

                 Best Blues Instrumentalist-Guitar

                 Best Blues Songwriter

2009         Best Blues Songwriter

2010          Best Video on limited budget under $10,000 "Motown Still our Town"

2015          Best Blues Recording  "Truth, Peace & Justice"

2016          Best Gospel Songwriter co-winner with Ortheia Barnes tied with

                 Marq Andrew Speck (Sweet Crystal)

2010          Winner in the solo category "Marietta Blues Competition"

                  participation in the IBC Competition made semi-final

2012          Best Blues Singer voted at the "Detroit Black Music Awards"

2014-23     56th "Grammy" to 65th "Grammy" First Round Voting Entry each year

                 Paul is also a voting member of the Recording Academy


Joe Charitos, guitarist, composer and producer born May 4, 1965 in Arles (France).

With a guitarist father, it was at the age of 7 that Joe became interested in the instrument from afar.

At 9 years old, something clicked when his father made him listen to the electric sound The Shadows.

Later, he will be attracted by blues, rock, and a range of music will accompany him throughout his youth.

At 14, during his school holidays, he did various odd jobs and bought his first electric guitar.

Self-taught and influenced by rock & rhythm and blues, it was in college that he formed his first band.


In 1983, he devoted himself to improvisation. It is with his cousin on bass and vocals that they will form the Rock Avignonnais group "Trésor Public", until 1986 they will scour clubs and festivals in the south of France.


In 1989, a trip took him to Switzerland in Luzern, where he settled there permanently. Later he will meet pianist Michel Carras (FR) and singer/guitarist/drummer Zach Prather (USA), both members of Luther Allison's band at the time.

In 2000 at the „Lucerne Blues Session“ festival (current Lucerne Blue Balls Festival) Joe made an appearance on stage (At the Lucerne Casino), he met Paul Miles and they became friends, they played together on stage during several jam sessions.


2002, Joe forms the trio "JOE and BAND" Instrumental and performs in Switzerland.


Album: "Guitars After Midnight" Instrumental (Suisa december 2006)

From 2004 until the end of 2006, Joe composed and recorded 11 tracks, and produced the album: JOE "Guitar After Midnight“ Instrumental. Michel Carras on keyboards joins the band with Urs Baumeler on bass and Eric Kunz on drums.


Album "Walk Free" Instrumental (Suisa july 2013)

From 2009 to 2012 Joe composed and recorded 10 new titles in the studio and produced the album JOE "Walk Free" Instrumental. Michel Carras on keyboards - Tosho Yakkatokuo on drums - Patrick Archer on bass. ​

2012 to 2023 compositions and production for JOE & PAUL

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